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Drone Training for Audits

Telecom drone trainingCell Tower Inspection Drone Training

Drone Training for Business or Individuals– LEARN TO — USE your own drone for Cell Tower Inspections, Audits, and Safety reviews.

Tower Safety & Instruction, the leading provider of elevated structure, cell tower inspection training, now offers the first ever industrial tower unmanned flight audit training course.

The online program caters to the following individuals:

– Tower climbers who wish to add a drone audit capability to their current skills
– Drone pilots who want to add tower inspection services to their service offerings

** This program does NOT teach you to fly.  All rules and regulations according to the FAA 107  are applicable! If needing drone lessons please contact our partner Unmanned Experts ).


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Online Cell Tower Inspection Course (Click Link)


During the Wireless E-Learning training , each student will initially be taught the pertinent aspects of the new roles they are entering: introductions to UAVs and towers, itemized elements of the cell tower antennas and infrastructure, OSHA and FAA regulations, climbing safety and wireless audits.

Each individual participating in the E-learning drone audit training will have the ability to have a 30 minute consultation with a wireless trained professional to help answer any questions. The undertaking of a tower inspection project using all their newly developed skill-sets, you might have a few questions and we are here to help you. Upon completion of an exam, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Are you a company in need of an experienced drone audit inspector?  Contact Tower Safety today!  We can help you find a trained drone professional to conduct your inspections, audits or safety reviews.




Tower Safety & Instruction

Kathy Gill founded Tower Safety & Instruction in 2013, having years of direct experience in the industry. Kathy served as the Safety Director in the wireless industry and a outside plant installer for AT&T/Lucent. An experience in which lead her to believed she could start making small changes in the industry, one student at a time. read more

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